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We hope this help page will prove useful in finding your way around the website.

Joining Creative Bradford

Joining Creative Bradford is a three step process. There are information hints at the end of some of the registration fields to help you complete your registration. Initially you will be required to create your 'user profile'.

Step 1 - User Profile

Your user profile is your unique personal account on the Creative Bradford website. Once this has been created you will receive two emails, one confirming your log on details and a second confirming your basic membership registration.

At a basic level, your User Profile allows you to save directory listings into your folder for reference. It also provides the foundation for you to define your directory listing.

Step 2 - Directory Listing

Your directory listing is about what you and/or your organisation provides. You can select from two categories:

  • Arts Services
  • Venues & Spaces for the Arts

Each category has an additional set of data for you to define your directory listing. You can select to be part of one or all the categories depending on the activities and/or facilities you provide.

Alternatively, you may want to just remain as a registered user with a basic user profile that allows you to save directory listings into your folder.

Step 3 - Membership Approval

When you have created and completed your directory listing, you must submit your entry for approval to the Creative Bradford administration team. Once approved your directory listing will appear within the directory. You will receive an email from the team confirming this.

My Creative Bradford

Once registered, you can access your user profile by clicking on the 'My Creative Bradford' link in the top right corner of the website. You must be registered and logged in to update your profile.